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See my vision and experience my life as a young entrepreneur wtih ambition to learn and experience this wonderful world.


My name is Michael Li and I’m an entrepreneur. My entrepreneurial spirit has led me to start a couple of businesses and become a co-founder of Pure Adapt, Inc.

I started my first business back in 2004, a mobile phone accessory e-commerce store, WirelessMogul.com, and since then I have had priceless experiences as an entrepreneur. I’ve learned so much in that period of time since WirelessMogul.com to the genesis of my blog in January 2008 as I write my about me page right now. Personally and professionally I’ve evolved and plan on continuing to do so with the ambition to learn and better myself.

Pure Adapt is a web development/e-commerce company based out of Albany, NY founded by Adam McFarland, George Dushensky, Greg Pautler and myself. I’m the newest blogger from the Pure Adapt team, following blogs by Adam McFarland and George Dushensky. Read our blogs and follow our journey to grow and make our business succeed.

Why am I starting a blog? I’m starting a blog so I can talk about business, my passions and just speak my mind. I also hope that my blog will be inspirational and motivational to other entrepreneurs as other’s have done for me. Now the web developer and creative side of me wants to create this blog to implement some crazy unique features that I have envisioned.

I hope you find my blog interesting, so enjoy.


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