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Air Force One in Albany

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Quick post about President Obama’s trip to Schenectady, NY.  I was ready to head out to the gym when President Obama had arrived at the General Electric (GE) Plant in Schenectady, NY and I decided to watch him speak before I left. The speech wasn’t long, running about 17 minutes praising GE’s green technology and international exports as a “model for America”. I believe that green technology is a very important part of America’s future success and seeing Obama come to smaller city like Schenectady, NY and last year’s visit to Hudson Valley Community College shows his understanding that innovation, technology and education are of the utmost importance.

Now to my story of Obama’s visit. After watching President Obama speak I left for the gym when I was detoured to go past Albany International Airport and found myself stuck in traffic and to my surprise a glimpse of Air Force One. I didn’t make the connection until a little later but the traffic stoppage and detours were probably because President Obama was en route to the airport.  It took me 45 minutes to get to the my gym which is only about 5 minutes away. The times work out and I’m pretty sure when traffic was stopped near the airport that there was a good chance that the President himself  was arriving at Albany International. It was totally by coincident but I got to see Air Force One. This is one of the few times I really wanted to use my phone for a picture and it did not want to cooperate but I was able to get one good picture of Air Force One at Albany International Airport.

Air Force One Albany, NY

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  1. I was in a similar situation when he was up last time, I happened to be at a dealership on Central Ave. having some warranty work done. I watched his speech live at the dealership and not too long after Air Force One took off and was VERY low as it ascended over the dealership. While I’m not into that sort of thing I have to admit it was pretty cool. Not so much the fact that it was President but everyone at the dealership was beaming with pride as Air Force One flew over. Literally EVERYTHING stopped and all of us who were there were outside watching for a few minutes. Oddly it’s one of those things that really stuck with me, in a similar way the 911 attacks did.

    Comment by Tim — January 23, 2011 @ 11:02 am

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