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LockerPulse Chrome App & Backgrounds

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Exciting happenings at LockerPulse. The LockerPulse Chrome App recently launched with the Chrome Web Store opening. Credit to Adam for making the LockerPulse Chrome App happen and to be part of the Google Chrome Web Store launch. For more details on the LockerPulse App launch check out Adam’s post.This is just the beginning of LockerPulse and there’s lots more to come.

LockerPulse now also offers the ability to change your background or upload your own background for premium members. Give your LockerPulse aesthetic brilliance by customizing your background. Check out my Frank Gore background. Looks pretty dang sweet doesn’t it. This is a very simple way to customize your LockerPulse. Quick tip, you can easily find great backgrounds from your favorite teams official website.

For a free LockerPulse account follow my promo link. Don’t miss out it’s for a limited of time only.

My LockerPulse Background

My LockerPulse Background Frank Gore

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