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Pandora Keyboard Shortcuts for Blackberry

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Pandora on Blackberry

Sometimes using the trackball can become a pain the ass while using Pandora on my Blackberry, so I went to seek out enlightenment from the almighty Google. A couple of searches later I got nothing.  Let the experimenting begin. After a little experimenting later I was able to figure out the most important keyboard shortcuts.

Pandora Keyboard Shortcuts for Blackberry from the now playing screen:

Space Bar – pause/play
L – goes to station list
U – thumbs up
D – thumbs down
A or S – next song
C – closes the ad
M – takes you to “more info” link on the ad

I’ve only done this on my BlackBerry Curve 8330 so I don’t know if this applys to other Blackberrys but I’d assume they’d be the same.

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My Blackberry Apps

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Blackberry Apps

I have to say that my BlackBerry Curve 8330 has met my expectations and beyond.  Since I like my Blackberry so much I thought  I would share a list of the apps that I use.  Best of all they are all free.

The Music Genome Project right on your phone.  This internet radio for my blackberry works fantastic as you create your own stations based on a songs or artists you like.  As the songs play you thumb up or thumb down the songs so that Pandora can better select music that you want to hear.  Take it on the go and hook it up with a FM Transmitter and you instantly got more control over your radio.

Simply the best mobile web browser out there.  Opera gives you the full web experience.  Other than playing videos Opera works fantastic for viewing web pages.

Awesome user interface with up to date scores, standings and more for the MLB, NHL, NBA, and PGA.  See my previous post on ScoreMobile.

AOL Instant Messanger works great except that you can’t see away messages.

Tweet away on your Blackberry and stay updated with your friends

Google Maps
All the goodness of Google Maps with GPS turned on, you can locate yourself.  It doesn’t give you your exact location but from my experience it’s been pretty accurate.

iSkoot for Skype
All your favorite Skype features on the go.

From the Weather Network this is my go to weather source that offers current, short term, and long term forecasts.

This is a really cool app where you can use your phone as a wireless mouse for your computer.

Yahoo! Go
This app has everything you need from Yahoo. Get your email, weather, sports, search, local search, maps, news and lots more. Customize to your liking with additional widgets also available.  Yahoo offers the ultimate homepage for your phone and your desktop.

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ScoreMobile BlackBerry

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BlackBerry App ScoreMobile

I downloaded ScoreMobile app for BlackBerry’s today and it’s one of the best BlackBerry apps that I’ve downloaded.  From TheScore.com this BlackBerry is a very complete sports scores and stats app.


  • up-to-the-minute scores
  • fantasy player stats
  • game lines
  • odds
  • game previews & recaps
  • standings

This is app is simple to use and it covers MLB, NHL, NBA, PGA and more to come.  Now I can easily get scoreson the go with lots more.  Best of all this BlackBerry App is FREE.

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