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New Pure Adapt Site and Job Offering

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Pure Adapt has a newly redesigned website and it’s first official job offering. It’s an exciting time as we embark in our search for the next Pure Adapt employee.

The Pure Adapt website has never really come into play for our business, but with a new job offering our site needed a revamp to present to our potential candidates. With the recent release of HTML5 and CSS3 we had to push these new standards and features into our redesign.  Another thing that is relatively new that we incorporated into our design was a responsive design that adjusts accordingly to your screen size.  Try it out yourself, go to PureAdapt.com and resize your browser screen and watch how the site changes. Coming soon I will have more detailed posts about HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design techniques used in the website redesign. Overall everything came out fantastic as the sum of the parts from each one of the owners came together to build a better and complete Pure Adapt website.

2011 Pure Adapt Site Design

Job Offering
Now to the job that we’re offering. This will be one of Pure Adapt’s most important hires. He or she will be number five and I’ve always said this is our most important hire. The position that we are offering is the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support Specialist for DetailedImage.com. This hire is going to be vital to our company as Detailed Image is growing beyond what our current staff can handle. We offer a great opportunity to work with an up and coming company with benefits and flexibility. If you’re in the Upstate New York area and interested check out career page at PureAdapt.com/careers/ for more details.

Again these are exciting times as we grow and continue to hit new levels every day. Stay tuned for more about the redesign of PureAdapt.com.

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Creative Earth Day Design

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Earth Week started this week and I want to share this creative Earth Day designed newsletter from stock image site Dreamstime. I love the creativity in this email showing the drop down menu with the save option with our lovely Mother Earth in the background.  Make sure you click “Save”, Earth Day is April 22nd.

Save the Earth design

Also check out Detailed Image’s Earth Week Sale featuring Eco-Friendly detailing products and here is our very own Earth Week design.

Detailed Image Earth Week

In the spirit of Earth Week, also see my previous green posts. Happy Earth Week!

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Design of 24 Ways

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Design Inspiration

24 Ways To Impress Your Friends inspiration stems from it’s unique calendar styled navigational layout. The hover effects throughout the layout gives it an interactive feeling while layers and transparency effects add a level complexity. When you put all that together you get cool functional user experience.

The navigation stands out to me the most and makes me rethink the possibilities of a site navigation.

Not only is the design inspirational, the site is all about web design and development. Since 2005 the site has been featuring 24 posts about design and development from different writers during the holidays.

24 ways is the advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.

24 Ways to Impress Your Friends

The navigation makes the design and only posting during Christmas makes for a very creative unique website. Check the site out now at http://24ways.org/.

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Inspirational Web Designs

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I had this post written and I should’ve posted this a while ago since my new blog design has been up for about half year but it was forgotten till now.  Anyways, during the redesign process for my blog I sought out inspiration and I found some amazing web designs. Check out some of the designs below that inspired the new Michael-Li.com design.


forgetfoo.com Design

hopkindesign.com Design

Those are three designs that stood out to me the most out of the many designs that fueled my inspiration. Inspiration also came from web design sites like SmashingMagazine.com and VandelayDesign.com. If you’re looking for design inspiration those are fantastic starting points.

I hope that my blog design can be as inspirational to other designer as did all the amazing designs that I’ve checked out.

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Amazing Web Design Site

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Smashing Magazine

While I was redesigning my blog and looking for inspiration I stumbled upon an amazing web design site, SmashingMagazine.com, which is choc full of useful web design information and inspiration.  When I first found the site I couldn’t get off it because of all the great information it had.

Smashing Magazine was founded in 2006 with the purpose of providing readers information about the latest trends and techniques in web development.

While I was on the site I found myself constantly pondering things like “I want to read this, I want to try that, or that’s awesome”. The quality of content that SmashingMagazine.com offers makes it one of my top design resources. Since discovering the site when I redesigned my blog about 5 months ago, visiting Smashing Magazine has become one of my beginning steps in my design process for inspiration and the latest design trends.

Check out some of their recent posts:

Smashing Magazine is an awesome design resource so as designers lets take advantage of resources like Smashing Magazine to keep up with trends and continue to innovate the web.

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