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Missoni Launch Crashes Target.com

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The much anticipated Italian designer limited-time line of Missoni products launched at Target the other day creating a Black Friday-like rush that crashed Target.com. That is one impressive product line launch Target had if it rivaled Black Friday activities. In stores people lined up to get Missoni and shelves were empty within hours.

Missoni at Target

I personally never heard of Missoni but the fact that the activity was even close to comparable to the biggest shopping day of the year is pretty amazing. To add to the impressiveness of this launch is that their website wasn’t prepared for it either. The numbers visiting Target.com during the launch must have been through the roof, I mean it’s Target.com.

This reminds me of one of our former records sales day we had a few years ago at DetailedImage.com that completely caught us off guard on how successful the sale we ran was as our site temporarily went in and out of commission. I can see how that happened us as a small growing company but Target crashing for one new popular product line is shocking to me since I assume they would already be prepared for a holiday rush so the demand for Missoni must have been truly unprecedented.  Nonetheless I think the Missoni at Target partnership had a successful launch since they almost cleared out inventory in one day for a planned one month limited-time exclusive on the line.

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Amazon: the Hidden Empire

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Below is a great analysis of the massive e-commerce beast that is Amazon.com. With entrepreneur Jeff Bezos leading the company from the beginning, see their evolution throughout the years and view the Hidden Empire. You may be surprised at what is part of the Amazon empire and the reach that they have. View the slideshow and find out how big Amazon really is and how they dominate.

Amazon.com: the Hidden Empire

View more presentations from faberNovel

I personally use Amazon.com all the time. They have a huge selection of categories and products, low prices, fast shipping with Amazon Prime, and much more. They really offer a fantastic e-commerce experience.

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Loads and Loads of Packages

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The big holiday weekend has come and gone and it was another record breaker for us at Pure Adapt. Check out the stack of packages we shipped out on Cyber Monday.

Holiday Packages

This big holiday weekend all started back in August with our holiday marketing preparation and our kick off to holiday specials in
November. We were proactive this year and took advantage of some down time in the fall to plan out everything from inventory, marketing, work hours, etc. to result in a very successful and less stressful holiday weekend. Having a few holiday seasons under our belt, our experience and constant improvements on efficiency let us whoop some candy ass this Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend.

Execution, execution, execution, it’s all about execution right now as we near the final stretch with shipping deadlines looming. A few more sales and a focus on free shipping is how we’ll finish off the holiday season. Again experience has helped us plan everything out and it’s made this holiday season go swimmingly so far.

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Couple of Great Holiday Newsletters Ideas

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I received a couple of great holiday newsletters with some unique holiday promos that I wanted to post about. These are great holiday ideas to possibly add to your newsletter/promo repertoire.

Home Shopping Network
First lets start with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) newsletter featuring 5 Reason To Shop HSN. It’s wonderfully designed and it makes some very valid points on why to shop with them. When the holidays roll around you have to stand out and make every effort to provide as much value as possible to customers. Customers want value during the holidays and HSN lets you know exactly why you should shop with them.

HSN Newsletter

Sports Authority
Sports Authority ran a great Black Friday Pre-Sale providing great value to themselves and customers. I like this promo because it’s something unique that I haven’t seen and here are a few reasons why it works.

  • They’re getting Black Friday deals out to customers early and getting them excited
  • They’re making it easy for customers to get big ticket Black Friday items by allowing them to pre-order
  • Even though these are pre-orders they’re still getting customers in the store on Black Friday for the pick up
  • If there is a deposit on the pre-orders Sports Authority is getting money in their pocket earlier which can help cash flow

It’s simple Sports Authority is making it easy for customers to take advantage Black Friday early and if they do require a deposit they’re creating better cash flow for themselves.

Sports Authority Newsletter

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Go Time Once Again

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It’s go time once again. Lets get this holiday party started. Months in preparation and planning has come to fruition as our holiday season at Detailed Image officially gets kicked off today with Holiday Free Shipping for orders over $150. Below is a short list of some of the things we worked on preparing for the holidays

Holiday Marketing To-Do List

The wheels are in motion and it’s come down to execution. We’re very well prepared going into to this year’s holiday season and look forward to a successful one. There’s excitement in the air as November starts and I’m looking forward to see how some of the new things we’re doing work out.

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Update: SNIAGRAB has been around for 56 years. Oh that makes me feel stupid but it’s new to me and definitely got my attention. Thank you to Joe who commented for letting me know that it certainly isn’t anything new. Please be aware my post below was off the basis that I thought that SNIAGRAB was something new.

Credit to the Gart Sports Company for starting SNIAGRAB which did a merger of equals with The Sports Authority in 2003. There is also a great story behind Gart Sports Company and the beginnings of SNIAGRAB that you can view in the video below.

What is SNIAGRAB? It’s Sports Authority’s new sale spelling “bargains” backwards. When I received the newsletter I got fixated on trying to figure out how to say that  wacky word and not looking right below the word to see that it’s bargains backwards. This email definitely got my attention the same way as naming my post that way has grabbed some people’s attention I assume.

Sports Authority SNIAGRAB Email

I’ve been on Sports Authority’s newsletter list for a while now and they have certainly made a big change with the new newsletter template. You can see the differences in The Retail Email Blog’s recent post comparing the differences.

Checking the site it looks like they’ve also updated their site. I like the changes that they have made.  I’ve always thought their site was a little plain and outdated. The changes they’ve made have definitely caught my attention especially with the SNIAGRAB promo with popping graphics and creative sale name.

With the recent changes that SportsAuthority.com has made along with the new creative promos, it’s probably made a positive impact on their newsletter results. I thought their promotions were pretty predictable with $25 off $100 and the change of pace should grab the attention of subscribers that have become accustomed to their promos.

With our email marketing at Detailed Image we always try to keep it fresh and change it up so it doesn’t get mundane with unique promotions like our Easter egg promo. There are limits to what we can do but we work with what we got.  You got to keep your subscribers engaged and see value in staying subscribed to your newsletter.

Thumbs up to the creativity and new look at SportsAuthority.com.

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