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New Detailed Image Daily Special Email Design

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We recently redesigned our Daily Special newsletter email and I have to say it came out pretty dang good. We noticed that our Daily Special newsletter was pretty popular even though you get an email every single day and we wanted to utilize it. There is a thin line on how many emails you can send a person but this set of subscribers don’t seem to mind. The fact that it goes out everyday we wanted to take advantage of this newsletter as much as possible.

After some brainstorming and working with old school design methods (see why in my Designing for Emails post) we were on our way to a redesigned newsletter.

New Detailed Image Daily Special Features

  • Daily Special Product Reviews
  • Current Weekly Special
  • Recent Ask-a-Pro Blog Posts
  • Detailing Guide Navigation
  • Prominent Call to Action Buttons
  • Optimized Viewing for Images Off
  • New Twitter and Facebook Icons

Now this email not only features our Daily Special product, it now includes content and other current promotions. You can now get everything you know about what’s happening at Detailed Image in a daily dose with the new email design.

See images below of the new design compared to the old design.

The Old Email Design

Old Detailed Image Daily Special Email Design

The New Email Design

New Detailed Image Daily Special Email Design

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Lovely Avery Valentines Newsletter

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Avery’s recent social network campaign wittingly used the Facebook Like feature in conjunction with Valentines Day. The Facebook Like feature fits in perfectly with the Valentines Day theme. Valentines day works great for a social network campaign with the Facebook Like feature if you’re not pushing a sale orientated campaign. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more emails featuring the Facebook Like feature during this time of year or maybe I’ve been oblivious to it. This was a very well designed and themed newsletter by Avery that I wanted to give props to. Now I have to come up a Valentines newsletter myself for good ol’ Detailed Image.

Avery Valentines Newsletter

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Email Marketing In 2011

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Here’s a great little slide show of what’s to come for Email Marketing in 2011 from the Be Relevant! Email Marketing Blog by Tamara Gielen. The email marketing landscape is certainly changing and this slide show presentation sums it up nicely with the upcoming challenges, best practices and the current state of email marketing. As an email marketer these are definitely things to keep in mind.

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Couple of Great Holiday Newsletters Ideas

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I received a couple of great holiday newsletters with some unique holiday promos that I wanted to post about. These are great holiday ideas to possibly add to your newsletter/promo repertoire.

Home Shopping Network
First lets start with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) newsletter featuring 5 Reason To Shop HSN. It’s wonderfully designed and it makes some very valid points on why to shop with them. When the holidays roll around you have to stand out and make every effort to provide as much value as possible to customers. Customers want value during the holidays and HSN lets you know exactly why you should shop with them.

HSN Newsletter

Sports Authority
Sports Authority ran a great Black Friday Pre-Sale providing great value to themselves and customers. I like this promo because it’s something unique that I haven’t seen and here are a few reasons why it works.

  • They’re getting Black Friday deals out to customers early and getting them excited
  • They’re making it easy for customers to get big ticket Black Friday items by allowing them to pre-order
  • Even though these are pre-orders they’re still getting customers in the store on Black Friday for the pick up
  • If there is a deposit on the pre-orders Sports Authority is getting money in their pocket earlier which can help cash flow

It’s simple Sports Authority is making it easy for customers to take advantage Black Friday early and if they do require a deposit they’re creating better cash flow for themselves.

Sports Authority Newsletter

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How Important are Email Statistics

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Email Stats

How important are email stats? That’s a question that I ask myself every time I look at our email stats. There are so many intertwined variables that I want to put a different perspective on what the numbers could mean.

Things to think about…

  • Time of year, month, week, day and current season – Best practices say test different times of the week and day to find out when you get the best opens and click throughs. I personally think you would need many years of data to really compare apples to apples. For example you should compare the stats of time of day sent around the same time of year to really get a more definitive answer on whether one time was more effective than the other.
  • Did your competitors send an email around the same time – If your competitor happen to send a newsletter about the same time you did with a sale wouldn’t that have implications on your results. Do you count that into your statistics somehow?
  • Weather – Natural disasters happen, it rains for days, it’s wonderful outside or any other weather scenario can happen. Do you then break down your stats to be filtered by geolocation to find out what the true numbers mean. If you got wild fires burning near your house you’re probably not going to buy detailing products from Detailed Image even if it is our biggest sale of the year. We have many customers from California which could greatly skew our numbers.
  • Email preview pane – If it opens in the preview pane, does it mean the user opened it, even though they deleted without even looking at the email.
  • Types of email: Sales vs Content– Some users like content, some like sales, and some like both so shouldn’t the success of your email be weighted somehow.
  • Type of sale or content – Different sales and content appeal to different people which will return different results. You have to remember not all subscribers want the same thing so you have to try to appeal your subscribers with various sales and content.
  • Holidays – The competition for inbox space is ruthless during holidays as retailers are out in full force to get your attention. The success of your email may directly be related to your competition.
  • Expectations – A string of bad newsletters can turn subscribers off but they haven’t unsubscribed until a newsletter that was actually very successful. It was successful but not quite good enough for those expecting more after a string of valueless emails. High unsubscribes skew a successful email to be unsuccessful.
  • Cyclical buyers – What if your buyers were all in sync with their buying times which could make an email look tremendously successful or not.
  • Your business’s current growth – High growth could shadow problems by making an email look successful when it’s really the other parts of the business contributing to a successful email.
  • What the user wants – An email that may not look successful statistically may have nailed the bullseye of a small niche part of your list.
  • Unsubscribes – Did the unsubscrbe come due to the failure of the email to meet subscriber expectation? Or horrible customer service? Or email frequency? It could be anything and from my experience you only get reasons for the unsubscription a small percentage of the time.

Those are just a few things I could think of that could make your email stats look a certain way. I’m not saying that email statistics mean nothing, I’m just saying the numbers can be deceiving at times. There are many variables that come into play on the statistics of an email. Now ponder this, how much time and effort is it worth to break down the numbers to learn why the numbers are what they are to maximize your results? That’s a really good question because it looks like you can always break down the numbers a little further. These are just some of my thoughts on email stats.

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Macy’s Newsletter Coupon Code

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Macy’s did a great job of presenting their coupon code in a recent email without compromising the design. The majority of the design is graphic but the coupon code is text. The coupon code can now be copied making it easier for users to use the coupon code. Making the coupon code copyable in the design prevents users from failing to enter the correct coupon code and streamline the checkout process.

Macy's Newsletter Coupon Code

This is a great example of something simple that clears a possible roadblock during the checkout process.

In our email designs we tend to stray away from using text and sticking to graphics in our emails to get cross email program integrity, but Macy’s email got me thinking how simple it can be to incorporate it into the design. It will certainly be on my to do list to better present our coupon codes in a copyable manner. Simply adding into our email preheader should solve the problem or getting it in a way similar to what Macy’s did works great.

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