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New Detailed Image Daily Special Email Design

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We recently redesigned our Daily Special newsletter email and I have to say it came out pretty dang good. We noticed that our Daily Special newsletter was pretty popular even though you get an email every single day and we wanted to utilize it. There is a thin line on how many emails you can send a person but this set of subscribers don’t seem to mind. The fact that it goes out everyday we wanted to take advantage of this newsletter as much as possible.

After some brainstorming and working with old school design methods (see why in my Designing for Emails post) we were on our way to a redesigned newsletter.

New Detailed Image Daily Special Features

  • Daily Special Product Reviews
  • Current Weekly Special
  • Recent Ask-a-Pro Blog Posts
  • Detailing Guide Navigation
  • Prominent Call to Action Buttons
  • Optimized Viewing for Images Off
  • New Twitter and Facebook Icons

Now this email not only features our Daily Special product, it now includes content and other current promotions. You can now get everything you know about what’s happening at Detailed Image in a daily dose with the new email design.

See images below of the new design compared to the old design.

The Old Email Design

Old Detailed Image Daily Special Email Design

The New Email Design

New Detailed Image Daily Special Email Design

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Gmail Settings

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Gmail Settings

I recently made the switch to completely using Gmail as my business email medium and stepped away from Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird works great but I’m huge believer that everything will be available through a browser and I will be able to do almost everything right in my browser one day.

I use Yahoo for my personal email, so I didn’t have too much experience with Gmail but I finally got it to my liking. Here’s a list of things to make Gmail better:

  • Enable Keyboard Shortcuts – Keyboard shortcuts will help you get your email done even faster.
    Settings > General
  • Set Up Your Signature – One less thing you have to worry about once you have your signature automatically added to all your emails. Customize your signature to the way you like it.
    Settings > General
  • Turn Conversation View Off – I personally never liked this feature where it groups all similar emails together so I turned it off.
    Settings > General
  • Create Labels (similar to a folder) – Keep your email organized with labels to easily find what you need.
    Settings > Labels
  • Set Up Filters – Run a tight ship with your email and filter your emails to your liking.
    Settings > Filters
  • Google Lab Features to Enable
    Settings > Labs

    • Message Sneak Peak – View a message without even opening it so you can stay in your inbox.
    • Nested Labels – In depth organization can be achieved with a hierarchy of labels
    • Signature Tweaks – Places your signature before the quoted text and removes the “–” instead of your signature all the way at the bottom of your replies.
    • Undo Send – For those times when you prematurely hit that send button, you can now reverse it.

All changes take some time to get use to and nothing is ever perfect. How you do things always comes down to personal preference too, so you may not like all these settings. This is the way my Gmail is set up to keep me organized. There’s tons settings and lab features available in Gmail so try them out and see what settings you like.

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