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My Monthly Charity April 2012

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Earth Day

Earth Day just past about a week ago and I’m going to dig into the archives to feature all the eco-friendly green charities that I’ve posted about in the past.

Also check out all my other posts related to being more green and thinking about our wonderful Mother Earth. Let’s strive to be more eco-friendly and make the norm.

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Creative Earth Day Design

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Earth Week started this week and I want to share this creative Earth Day designed newsletter from stock image site Dreamstime. I love the creativity in this email showing the drop down menu with the save option with our lovely Mother Earth in the background.  Make sure you click “Save”, Earth Day is April 22nd.

Save the Earth design

Also check out Detailed Image’s Earth Week Sale featuring Eco-Friendly detailing products and here is our very own Earth Week design.

Detailed Image Earth Week

In the spirit of Earth Week, also see my previous green posts. Happy Earth Week!

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My Monthly Charity January 2011

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Alaska Wilderness League

There are back to back snow storms on their way to the Northeast and that got me thinking about SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW which led me to pick an organization helping preserve the United State’s only Arctic state of Alaska’s wilderness. Let me introduce you to the Alaska Wilderness League preserving the vast wilderness in Alaska.

The League exists to lead the effort to preserve Alaska’s wilderness by engaging citizens, sharing resources, collaborating with other organizations, educating the public, and providing a courageous, constant and victorious voice for Alaska in the nation’s capital. – Alaska Wilderness League Mission http://www.alaskawild.org/about-us/

The Alaska Wilderness League works from the federal level in Washington D.C. to fight against industries depleting the resources of the Alaskan land. The Alaskan lands offer diverse wildlife habitats and ecosystems like no other and making it a priority is all the more important.

Learn how you can help preserve Alaska for future generations to enjoy at http://www.alaskawild.org/.

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Air Force One in Albany

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Quick post about President Obama’s trip to Schenectady, NY.  I was ready to head out to the gym when President Obama had arrived at the General Electric (GE) Plant in Schenectady, NY and I decided to watch him speak before I left. The speech wasn’t long, running about 17 minutes praising GE’s green technology and international exports as a “model for America”. I believe that green technology is a very important part of America’s future success and seeing Obama come to smaller city like Schenectady, NY and last year’s visit to Hudson Valley Community College shows his understanding that innovation, technology and education are of the utmost importance.

Now to my story of Obama’s visit. After watching President Obama speak I left for the gym when I was detoured to go past Albany International Airport and found myself stuck in traffic and to my surprise a glimpse of Air Force One. I didn’t make the connection until a little later but the traffic stoppage and detours were probably because President Obama was en route to the airport.  It took me 45 minutes to get to the my gym which is only about 5 minutes away. The times work out and I’m pretty sure when traffic was stopped near the airport that there was a good chance that the President himself  was arriving at Albany International. It was totally by coincident but I got to see Air Force One. This is one of the few times I really wanted to use my phone for a picture and it did not want to cooperate but I was able to get one good picture of Air Force One at Albany International Airport.

Air Force One Albany, NY

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The Story of Electronics – “Designed For The Dump”

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The Story Of Electronics - Designed For The Dump

Great little video explaining the life cycle of electronics. It was produced by Free Range Studios a creative company making important social messages heard. They also produced other Story Of Stuff videos including the story of Bottled Water, Cap & Trade and Cosmetics. (Original story via Yahoo! Green)

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Water Bobble

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Allow me to introduce to you one of the greatest and greenest water bottles ever, the Bobble. The Bobble has its very own built in carbon filter. It’s made from 100% recycled PET and 100% recyclable. It’s also BPA free, so no worries there. The Bobble is saving the planet one bottle at a time.

Water Bobble filtered water bottle

Take plain old tap water which is better than the unregulated bottled water industry, fill your Bobble and let the built carbon filter remove all the organic contaminants. The Bobble meets or exceeds NSF International Standard 42 for chlorine, taste and odor reduction. Lasting up to 2 months or 40 gallons which roughly equals 300 bottles, it can make one hell of an impact on water bottle consumption. Think about the difference this smart bottle can make, one water bobble can go a long way with about 299 less water bottles consumed per Bobble.

Water Bobble Features

Starting at $8.95 a bottle and available in an assortment of colors, it’s way more cost effective than bottled water. I wrote Ditch the Bottle Water a little while back in favor of a reusable water bottle. The Bobble is another smart alternative to bottled water. It’s reusable, recyclable, and it filters.

Learn more about the Bobble at waterbobble.com or buy now at http://store.waterbobble.com/store/items.

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