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Holiday Marketing for Detailed Image

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Holiday Marketing 2010

Holiday marketing already? Yeah I know right, we actually finalized our marketing plan for the rest of the year for Detailed Image at the end of August a few weeks ago.  Doesn’t everyone love talking about the holidays when it’s still summer? Not really but it’s worth it to prepare early for a busy holiday season as a retailer.

In the early years of Detailed Image we didn’t know how big selling detailing supplies would be during the holidays but it turns out that we are able capitalize off of it and it’s become one our busiest times of the year.

Things to think about this holiday season:

  • Emergence of Cyber Sunday
  • Change in the email landscape including Gmail’s Priority Inbox and Hotmail’s time traveling filters, sweep and preference auto-learning
  • Slow growth economy, consumer confidence & unemployment rates
  • When to start your holiday marketing push
  • The thin line between too many emails and too little emails

There hasn’t been to many major trends comings from last year’s holiday season as far as marketing goes but the little things I mentioned above can come into play with your marketing. Key things still include many of the things I wrote about back in 2008.

August is about that time we start preparing for the holidays and it’s exciting for us to see what we can do to beat what we did last year. We want to do better and I think we have a great plan going forward.

An early, early, early happy holidays to everyone.

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It’s Go Time for Holiday Marketing

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The holidays are upon us and it’s time to kick the holiday marketing into full throttle.

Earlier this month I already noticed companies getting into the holiday spirit through newsletters and mailings. I recently reviewed our holiday marketing plan and tactics at the end of October and was surprised that it’s been a full 2 months since I put the plan together because I wrote “Happy Holidays in August” at the end of it. Time has passed with the swiftness and it’s time for implementation.

We have already started some of our holiday promotions with free ground shipping for US orders over $150 at Detailed Image. I designed a nice little header for our holiday free shipping promo (see below). This is a nice subtle way to transition into the holidays and feature our shipping promo.

Detailed Image Holiday Free Shipping

We really kick things off today when we start our “Shop Early and Save Big” event. The primary goal of this sale is to get the customer shopping for the holidays a little bit early.

Competition starts to heat up with sales everywhere and inbox real estate is ever so more important as Thanksgiving nears.  We’re ready to get this holiday party started. I think we have a great plan heading forward and can’t wait to implement everything. As December comes near I’m also very excited to implement a little more festivity into the site design.

If you detail or are interested in detailing please take advantage of our Big Sale. Today through the 11/16/2009 11:59 PM EST save 20% at DetailedImage.com with coupon code EARLY09 and receive free shipping on orders over $150 (some restrictions apply).

Detailed Image Holiday Free Shipping 2009

Happy Pre-Holidays!

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My Guest Post on Adam’s Blog

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Adam is on vacation this week and it’s my pleasure to guest post for him this week.  I wrote a post about the online holiday shopping season and here’s an excerpt from the post.

For us at Pure Adapt the 2008 holiday shopping season was a solid one and we finished the year strong despite the abysmal economy. We were prepared this year with a full fledged marketing plan for the 2008 holiday season and it paid off.

View the complete post of 2008 Online Holiday Shopping Season in Review on Adam’s Blog.

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Holiday Marketing 2008

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Holiday Marketing 2008

The holiday shopping season is a very important time of year for most retailers and some even solely survive off this time. This year at Pure Adapt we were prepared to take it head on and make the most out of it. Early preparation and research gave us a great start to the holiday shopping season.

With the vast amount information out there on holiday marketing, I was able to gather lots of great information to take into account and implement into our own holiday marketing plan. These are some of the most important things that I’ve learned.

Start Early
Stats from 2007 showed that an estimated 37% of people started their holiday shopping before the end of October. This makes it very important to plan your holiday marketing early and having it ready for implementation. We started our holiday promotions in mid Novemeber to push customers to shop early and save big by giving them 25% off with no minimum.

Thanksgiving is very important to retailers because for the most part this is the official start to the holiday shopping season. As an online retailer we were able to take advantage of the being open for the holiday so it made sense to start our Thanksgiving and holiday promotions on Thanksgiving. The entire Thanksgiving weekend is also very important because consumers expect great deals that weekend so your holiday marketing should take that in account and have some of your best promotions running. This is a big retail weekend with Thanksgiving, Black Friday through to Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is known to be the online shopping day to get great deals like the Black Friday for brick and mortar stores. As an online retailer we made sure to differentiate this day and offer additional specials for our customers on top of what we were doing the rest of the weekend. Slowly as online shopping continues to grow more people are also aware of Cyber Monday, making even more important for the upcoming years.

Free Shipping
In tough economic times like we are in this year, free shipping is all the more important. Consumers are doing more and more research online before they buy and if they can get free shipping on the product at a comparable price they’re likely to buy. We prepared early for this through SEO and implemented a full fledge shipping promotion for the entire month of December with free shipping on orders over $150 and $5 flat rate shipping on all other orders of course some restrictions apply.

Email Marketing
Email marketing has become an important part of my job and our marketing strategy. We have been running thorough newsletter campaigns this year and it’s been paying off. Newsletters are very cost effective with your own in house email list and has become a top marketing strategy as businesses try to cut cost.

What is so special about Mondays? Well starting with Cyber Monday and the rest of the Mondays until Christmas, it has shown significant growth in revenue for online retailers. Mondays have become the day to shop online so it’s important to take advantage of these days and plan your some of your marketing around Monday. We’ve taken the approach to getting newsletters and announcing promotions on Sundays to push sales on Monday.

Site Reviews
The internet is becoming all the more important to consumers for research before they buy. Reviews are a great way to keep customers active and on your site. We recently added our own review system that’s been working pretty well.

Gift Cards
Gift cards are great gifts but even greater for the last minute shoppers. We offer gift certificates right through email that you can print and this makes it the ultimate last minute gift that you can even buy on Christmas day. For us gift certificates will be the final holiday push before Christmas.

Last Day for Shipping
Being an online retailer it is very important to know when the last day for shipping is and let your customers know that. This year December 17th is probably the last day for standard shipping for most but we’re even going to take it one step further by providing a Fedex map to give customers a better estimate of the last day to ship based on where the package is going. This day is also important take into account because depending what day Thanksgiving lies on, this day will give the time frame which you need to squeeze the bulk of your holiday marketing into. Thanksgiving came late this year and based on the December 17th date, it comes out to 21 days of online shopping compared to 32 in 2007.

That’s a lot information that we were able to take advantage of and hopefully taking all it into account gave us a slight edge but we won’t know till we take a good look at the numbers when the holiday season is over. I’m optimistic that we did a good job on our holiday marketing this year, but we can always do better right. When we analyze the numbers we’re already taking our first steps in preparing for the 2009 holiday season and I already can’t wait. This holiday season is starting to wind down and we’re coming down to our final marketing push before Christmas and I hope to finish strong.

I also want to wish everyone a
safe and happy holiday season!


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Big Retail Weekend, How Did We Do?

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The biggest retail weekend of the year has just passed and we nailed it with a monster weekend in sales. Taking a proactive approach this year along with some research we were able to implement a quality marketing plan to seize the weekend. The numbers speak for themselves cause we shipped out about 120 orders today compared to our previous biggest weekend of 75. That was just the weekend, as Cyber Monday winds down we also killed it on this big online retail day. Check the picture out of how many packages we shipped out today.

Biggest Sale Weekend Pure Adapt 2008

This is just the beginning of the holiday retail season and we got a long way to go. Hopefully we keep the sales going and finish the year strong. I got to say it’s been one heck of a day today and tomorrow is going to be no different, I’m out for the night.

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