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Vevo Music Videos

Vevo is a great new site dedicated to music videos. Powered by YouTube and created in partnership by major music companies like Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment they have created a robust music video website and community.


  • Create your own music video playlists
  • Video premieres and exclusives
  • Browse videos by artist and genre
  • Watch videos by channels or playlists from yourself, the staff, Vevo charts, or other users
  • Set and save your favorite videos, artists and playlists
  • Embed, share or link to the videos
  • Link to itunes right from the video
  • Lyrics subtitle options in video

For your viewing pleasures here is the premiere of 50 Cent’s new video of “Do you think about me” and check out the Vevo player.

Vevo looks to be another ad driven revenue model that many others have struggled with. If they get the ad revenue model working right they got the right idea for a music video website. The only thing I see missing is that there are no rss feeds available for new videos or for your personal playlists and favorites.

Great high quality music videos available to your liking at Vevo and they got the right partnerships to grow and succeed. Check out Vevo today.

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The Lonely Island

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The Lonely Island Incredibad

Some explicit content if you like that.  If you don’t know who The Lonely Island is, they are the artists behind Dick in a Box and Jizz In My Pants.  They recently dropped their debut album “Incredibad” and it’s worth a listen to if you like those songs or comedic music.

When I first discovered Jizz In My Pants I couldn’t stop watching the video. The facial expressions in the video are priceless with lyrics that got me rolling.

This album features some pretty big artist like Jack Black, E-40, T-Pain, Justin Timberlake and others.

For your viewing pleasure I’ve got some videos below for you. The Lonely Island is entertaining enough and funny. I have their album in my Rhapsody and Jizz in My Pants is a must listen. You can also check out their site for comedy sketches and more at thelonelyisland.com. Let me know what you think.

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