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Pandora Keyboard Shortcuts for Blackberry

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Pandora on Blackberry

Sometimes using the trackball can become a pain the ass while using Pandora on my Blackberry, so I went to seek out enlightenment from the almighty Google. A couple of searches later I got nothing.  Let the experimenting begin. After a little experimenting later I was able to figure out the most important keyboard shortcuts.

Pandora Keyboard Shortcuts for Blackberry from the now playing screen:

Space Bar – pause/play
L – goes to station list
U – thumbs up
D – thumbs down
A or S – next song
C – closes the ad
M – takes you to “more info” link on the ad

I’ve only done this on my BlackBerry Curve 8330 so I don’t know if this applys to other Blackberrys but I’d assume they’d be the same.

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