Air Force One in Albany

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Quick post about President Obama’s trip to Schenectady, NY.  I was ready to head out to the gym when President Obama had arrived at the General Electric (GE) Plant in Schenectady, NY and I decided to watch him speak before I left. The speech wasn’t long, running about 17 minutes praising GE’s green technology and international exports as a “model for America”. I believe that green technology is a very important part of America’s future success and seeing Obama come to smaller city like Schenectady, NY and last year’s visit to Hudson Valley Community College shows his understanding that innovation, technology and education are of the utmost importance.

Now to my story of Obama’s visit. After watching President Obama speak I left for the gym when I was detoured to go past Albany International Airport and found myself stuck in traffic and to my surprise a glimpse of Air Force One. I didn’t make the connection until a little later but the traffic stoppage and detours were probably because President Obama was en route to the airport.  It took me 45 minutes to get to the my gym which is only about 5 minutes away. The times work out and I’m pretty sure when traffic was stopped near the airport that there was a good chance that the President himself  was arriving at Albany International. It was totally by coincident but I got to see Air Force One. This is one of the few times I really wanted to use my phone for a picture and it did not want to cooperate but I was able to get one good picture of Air Force One at Albany International Airport.

Air Force One Albany, NY

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Breathtaking Crystals of Naica Mine

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These images from of the Naica Mine crystals are so amazing I had to post about it. The images of these giant crystals are unreal and the magnitude of them almost gives you a feeling of insignificance.

Nestling up to a cauldron of pressurized, molten rock is almost never a good idea. But in Mexico’s Naica mine, the payoff is worth the risk.

About 900 feet below the surface, there is a chamber filled with gypsum. It’s the same stuff that goes in the drywall in your house, only in Naica it spent half a million years parboiling in a chamber filled with magma-heated water.

Suddenly miners showed up and started pumping the mineral-rich broth out to get at valuable silver and lead deposits nearby. The result is a cavern filled with crystals 36 feet long and weighing in at up to 55 tons, easily the largest in the world…

See the complete story at – The Mega Crystals of Naica Mine: Big Pics.

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My SEMA 2009 Recap with Pics

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This post is a little bit late but I finally got around to it. SEMA was an amazing experience. The SEMA show was HUGE. It was a little overwhelming how big the show was, but fortunately we entered the Convention Center right in the car care section. That worked out well because we got see a lot of our vendors without searching too hard through the massive show. To sum it up SEMA is anything and everything that has to deal with cars.

After seeing some of our vendors we wandered a bit and did a ton of walking through the rest of the show. That’s pretty much it, I’ll let the pictures do the talking now.

SEMA Show 2009 Las Vegas Convention Center

SEMA 2009 Las Vegas Convention Center.

Major US War art depicted on car

Amazing piece of art depicting major US wars in a timeline.

Giant Wheel

Giant wheel that’s got to be 24 inch plus in my opinion.

Import Model

Check out the car model.

West Coast Custom Car

All blue car in the West Coast Customs area.

Mad Mike

Remember Mad Mike from Pimp My Ride.

2010 4 Door Porsche Panamera

The new 4 door Porsche Panamera in all black.

For more pictures check out my Flickr section.

In closing SEMA was one heck of an experience. Good times, maybe I’ll be back next year.

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