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Drop Box

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Drop Box Logo

I’ve been using Dropbox for a little while now and it’s a fantastic application that gets the job done.  Right now I’m using it for storage and back up and I can’t get over how simple it is to use.

The simplicity behind Dropbox is what I really love about it.  It’s just  another folder on my desktop that runs in the background that syncs online and that’s it.  I downloaded, installed it and then I was using it within minutes.

I currently use it on my laptop as storage for personal files and to back up some work files.  That’s only the basics of what Dropbox can do.

Dropbox Features:

  • Simple interface that runs in the background
  • Syncs files automatically to computers and web
  • Multiple computer access
  • Tracks changes made to your files
  • Online access
  • File sharing
  • Photo gallery and picture sharing

Everything that Dropbox offers is exactly what I pictured as the perfect online storage application, plus a little more.

Dropbox also gives you 2gb for FREE and if you do need additional storage they do offer additional space for a monthly or annual fee.

I really believe everything will be online one day and this is just another step closer to it.

Like Dropbox says “It Just Works” and that’s why it’s so great about it. Go check out Dropbox at GetDropbox.com, they have a great screen cast and tour.

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New iPod Shuffle

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Apple announced its 3rd generation iPod Shuffle yesterday.  Apple amazes me with every iteration of their products.  The new shuffle is amazingly small with a new “VoiceOver” technology where it talks to you and I want it.

iPod Shuffle 3g

I had a 2nd generation iPod Shuffle and I was a big fan of it.  It’s the perfect mp3 player for working out, but it died out a little while back and since then I opted for the Sansa Clip with Rhapsody’s music subscription plan.  Anyways every time Apple announces something I’m always tempted to get it.

There’s also been quite a bit of buzz on Apple lately with the new shuffle and rumors of a touchscreen net book in the works as the stock price approaches the century mark once again. If the rumor is true, this new net book could be pretty sweet.


Apple continues to innovate and it always catches my attention.  What will they have next?

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Copag EPOC Playing Cards

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Over the holidays I picked up the Copag EPOC plastic playing cards, which are available in the Tastefully Driven Game Store, and  they are simply amazing all around.

The first thing that catches your eyes about these cards is that they have an all black background that you can’t ignore.  I’ve personally never seen black playings cards before, so this definitely caught my attention.  Beyond the black design the EPOC cards have a very slick index and suit design.  The suits and index layer over the darkness with a vibrant red for hearts and diamonds and a contrasting bright white for clubs and spades creating an artistically designed deck of playing cards.

Not only is the design amazing, the make and feel of these plastic playing cards are of the highest quality.  The first thing I said out loud when I got my first touch of these cards was “Wow”.  I was so amazed by how great the cards felt I had to show everyone I knew and get their reactions. The reactions I got were a lot similar to mine, booyah I wasn’t going crazy thinking how awesome these cards were.

Copag cards are high quality and beautifully designed and I would expect nothing less from a leader in card manufacturing.    Copag cards has definitely proved itself to me after I got  my first deck in comparison to other plastic cards and paper cards that I’ve had, bar none .   Go check out other Copag cards available at Tastefully Driven.

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