Super Bowl ’08 Stay Focused

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I love Super Bowl Sunday! I get to watch football, eat basically whatever I want, watch some good commercials and all day it’s all about football, football, football.

It’s Super Bowl XLII and we have history in the making as the New England Patriots try to go 19-0. This is truly an amazing feat if they achieve it. They’ve kept themselves in check throughout the entire season and made it to the final game with a chance to make it a perfect season. One opponent left and it’s the NY Giants.

You got to give credit to the Patriots for their focus and poise throughout the season. With Spygate exposed and in no way do I approve of cheating, they’ve won out since then. With all the press scrutiny and investigations they stayed focus. They’ve won some very close games this season mainly due to their talent being focused in my opinion. It’s that calm confident attitude when you’re down by one score and you’re focused and know you’re going to score. It’s similar to how I feel about my business.

As long the company stays focus on it’s goals, I have no doubt that those goals will be achieved. Problems will always arise and you must take them head on. When problems do arise make the necessary changes to stay on track with your goals. Pure Adapt has been together for about a year now and I don’t even know how many times we’ve changed direction to make sure we get things right to run a successful innovative business.

One thing I have to take from the Patriots is to stay focus on your goals and take care of business.

I’ve said a lot about the Patriots, but I’m rooting for the Giants. As long as Eli and the offense limit their mistakes they have a great chance to win. Lets go GIANTS.

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