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My Monthly Charity July 2012

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United States Olympic Committee

In the spirit of the 2012 London Olympic games the organization that I’ve selected is the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The USOC holds a variety of responsibilities for U.S. Olympic teams including funding, training, and more for the Olympics, Paralympics, Youth Olympics, Pan American and Parapan American Games.

To support U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence and to preserve the Olympic Ideals, thereby inspiring all Americans. – MISSION STATEMENT via teamusa.org

The USOC is the all around support for athletes on and off the field which includes health insurance, tuition grants, media and marketing opportunities, career services, sports medicine, physiology and nutrition assistance, performance technology and much more. In addition to the support for Olympic athletes they are also a steward for the Olympic Movement for the country.

Every two years whether it’s the Summer or Winter Olympics I get into sports like swimming and speed skating to root for the good old U.S. of A. There is an excitement that is unmatched as you watch the best athletes in the world compete for gold and you cheer for your country in any sport that they compete in, it doesn’t matter. History is being made and the 2012 London Olympics so far is no exception while I just watched Michael Phelps become the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time with 19 medals and he’s not even done yet. The USOC makes it all happen and you can learn more about the USOC at teamusa.org or make a donation to support Team USA and the Olympics at http://www.teamusa.org/Donate.aspx.


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LockerPulse Sports News

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LockerPulse Sports News

This is the most badass sports news site out there. We’ve been working on this for a while now and it’s finally come to life. Simply select your team and get real-time news right at your finger tips from top news sources for free. A premium account is available with added features that include customizing your teams, real-time scores, ability to comment on stories, mobile access with a 30 day free trial.

Check out LockerPulse now and feed your sports news addiction.

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Courage + Believe = Life

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The story of John Challis, who lived by the motto of “Courage + Believe = Life”. Even though John had cancer and he knew it wasn’t going away, he still kept a very positive outlook on life. John showed courage by staring death in the eye and continuing to live life to the fullest. Sometimes we have to understand that it’s not that bad compared to what others have to face. If John can stay positive with cancer slowly taking away his life we can all attempt be positive more often then not. See the great story done by ESPN below.

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Basketball and Beyond

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Basketball will consume this world and surpass soccer. That’s a very bold statement I’m making but it’s already happening. In the past year the amount of international players in the NBA has grown to 76 and the popularity of basketball in the world’s most populous country of China is exploding.

I watched the USA vs. China game of the 2008 Beijing Olympics over the weekend and you can see how important this game is for both countries. The US team is out for redemption and the Chinese team is out to make a statement to be a future basketball powerhouse. International competition is only going to get better as the US tries reclaim world dominance of basketball with a team of super stars from the NBA. As popular as basketball already is in the US, the international exposure will make it even more popular. International play has caught up with the US, so you can’t deny it that basketball will continue to grow with other countries catching up to the US and now you add into the mix a massive country with a billion people.

As the popularity of basketball grows in China, the players will only get better there and make the sport even more popular. The fact that China plans to put a basketball court in every village shows how big basketball is going to be in the future. This won’t only happen in China it will happen for any country that has a up and coming basketball team. More popular players will spur more interest and it will continue this way exponentially.

Yao Ming is the perfect example how the popularity of basketball is going to explode worldwide. He has been the perfect ambassador to opening the game up to players overseas to play in the NBA as the first number 1 pick from overseas. He is the face of basketball in China that is bringing basketball to the forefront of sports in the country. NBA superstars worldwide will be bringing basketball to another level of popularity as the world shrinks and we are all little more closer to everyone. On a side note I’ve never seen anybody represent their country as proudly as Yao Ming has done for China as they host the 2008 Olympics. Fittingly a man of this stature has put the weight of the country on his back to represent China and basketball. )For a great story on Yao, check out this story on Yahoo Sports! about what Yao Ming has done.)

Yao Ming 2008 Beijing Olympics

Basketball is such a simple sport that you can play with one or many. Basketball is bringing the world together like no other as countries embrace this great game. Kids in the US are doing the same thing as kids in China, they’re playing basketball. I Love this Game!

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A Performance to Remember of Mental Toughness

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Sunday was the first time I watched golf for 4 hours and it was a performance to remember. Going into the 18th Tiger Woods was down 1 stroke and faced a putt to force a playoff with Rocco Mediate. Tiger nails the putt and celebrates with a double fist pump as the crowd goes in an uproar.

It was a show of mental toughness from both players as Tiger struggled at times playing with an injured knee and Mediate played on consistently not folding under pressure to maintain the lead. Especially in Tiger’s case, an injured knee that doctors recommended that he not play on as he winced and limped throughout the 2008 US Open. Playing through the pain Tiger forced a 18 hole playoff on Sunday even though he lost the lead he gained the previous day with an amazing eagle putt on the 18th, starting the day with a bogey and double bogey in the first 2 holes. Losing the lead and trailing through the day all hopped up on pain pills, losing was not an option for Tiger.

Enduring the pain he would have play another holes in pain with every step he took. Tiger continued to play as his mental toughness was tested again going into the 18th down one stroke. Can he do it yet again? Of course he can, he’s Tiger! Would you ever doubt his mental toughness like the Nike commercial that played throughout the tournament explaining how there’s no one as mentally tough as Tiger and it’s true. Yet again he’s able to tie Mediate in the 18th and force a sudden death.

Rocco showed stones in the 2008 US Open battling Tiger. When Tiger isn’t playing in a tournament the field usually shoots one shot better and Rocco wasn’t phased by it playing consistently and he constantly stated how much fun he was having.

Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods

Tiger has been on a tear this year, more dominant and focused than ever. Even with a bum knee he can still beat the best in the world. You got to give props to Rocco Mediate too, with the performance he had. Mediate continued to play great in a battle with the greatest player in the world and took it to a playoff and 1 sudden death hole. Unfortunately Mediate struggled in the first sudden death hole and Tiger was hoisting the US Open trophy once again.

Through adversity there was a test of physical and mental endurance endured by both players. In ways mental toughness is just as important with Pure Adapt as in the dog fight of a battle for the 2008 US Open. We’re in it for the long term as we constantly evaluate where we are as a company with limited man power growing the company with the 4 of us. The to do list doesn’t end and we must push through until we get to that break point and our company is starting to mature and more profitable. I am confident that we’ve made good decisions and implemented the right processes to get to where we get to. We will press on and continuously push our company to the next level, I have no doubt about that.

Tiger Woods Fist Pump US Open 2008

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