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Couple of Great Holiday Newsletters Ideas

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I received a couple of great holiday newsletters with some unique holiday promos that I wanted to post about. These are great holiday ideas to possibly add to your newsletter/promo repertoire.

Home Shopping Network
First lets start with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) newsletter featuring 5 Reason To Shop HSN. It’s wonderfully designed and it makes some very valid points on why to shop with them. When the holidays roll around you have to stand out and make every effort to provide as much value as possible to customers. Customers want value during the holidays and HSN lets you know exactly why you should shop with them.

HSN Newsletter

Sports Authority
Sports Authority ran a great Black Friday Pre-Sale providing great value to themselves and customers. I like this promo because it’s something unique that I haven’t seen and here are a few reasons why it works.

  • They’re getting Black Friday deals out to customers early and getting them excited
  • They’re making it easy for customers to get big ticket Black Friday items by allowing them to pre-order
  • Even though these are pre-orders they’re still getting customers in the store on Black Friday for the pick up
  • If there is a deposit on the pre-orders Sports Authority is getting money in their pocket earlier which can help cash flow

It’s simple Sports Authority is making it easy for customers to take advantage Black Friday early and if they do require a deposit they’re creating better cash flow for themselves.

Sports Authority Newsletter

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