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Cruise to Cozumel

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I was on vacation last week from Wednesday night to Monday and I have returned from my journey to Mexico.  It wasn’t really a journey it was just a cruise to the island of Cozumel.  This was a new experience for me and chalk it up, now I’ve been on a cruise and Mexico.

It was a nice and relaxing vacation being on a ship for 3 days in the middle of the ocean. It was three days at sea and one day on land in Cozumel. I went on vacation with my girlfriend and our day on shore we did some shopping and went on jeep and snorkel shore excursion.

Early Saturday morning we arrived to this beautiful island surrounded by vibrant blue water, the weather was wonderful and we were on our way to our shore excursion.  I was a little disappointed with our excursion because we tried snorkeling but we didn’t get far.  You had to swim a ways out and water just wasn’t our element.  I had a hard time with using the flippers, boo I suck.  After giving up on the snorkeling we ended up getting a messages on the beach which was pretty sweet. The beach was picture perfect and I have to give shout out to our excursion guide Memo for leading an awesome fun filled tour.

Shopping in Mexico was definitely a new experience.  We took a taxi downtown and there were stores everywhere with people trying to sell you anything and everything, even screaming across the street for you just to take a look at their merchandise.  Cuban cigars and Tequila were in plenty, this was one hell of a shopping experience.

The whole time I was on the island I kept thinking to myself, this feels like I’m in a movie. The only thing I could relate Mexico to was what I’ve seen on TV and movies.  Anyways this movie that I starred in was awesome for me as I wandered the streets of downtown Cozumel.

The cruise itself was mediocre for me. Don’t get me wrong everything about the cruise was great, but personally I’d rather be out and about doing things.  Even though I think cruising isn’t my cup of tea, it was relaxing getting away from everything and I have to give praise to the fantastic service aboard the Carnival Inspiration.

That’s my vacation.  It was fun listening to me blabber on, but I’m sure it’s more fun to look at pictures, now to the visual portion.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, now it’s back to work on the big top secret project. It’s not really a secret but you’ll see it when it’s done sometime mid 2009.

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