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Macy’s Newsletter Coupon Code

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Macy’s did a great job of presenting their coupon code in a recent email without compromising the design. The majority of the design is graphic but the coupon code is text. The coupon code can now be copied making it easier for users to use the coupon code. Making the coupon code copyable in the design prevents users from failing to enter the correct coupon code and streamline the checkout process.

Macy's Newsletter Coupon Code

This is a great example of something simple that clears a possible roadblock during the checkout process.

In our email designs we tend to stray away from using text and sticking to graphics in our emails to get cross email program integrity, but Macy’s email got me thinking how simple it can be to incorporate it into the design. It will certainly be on my to do list to better present our coupon codes in a copyable manner. Simply adding into our email preheader should solve the problem or getting it in a way similar to what Macy’s did works great.

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