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My Monthly Charity April 2008

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In honor of Earth Day 2008 I got a really cool charity that I am going to post about and donate to for my monthly charity. The charity that I’ve selected is MyBabyTree.org an affiliate of NEWtrees a joint initiative by WWF Indonesia.


MyBabyTree.org lets you plant a virtual tree, then you can donate $5.50 and actually have a real tree planted. Here comes the cool part, you can watch your tree grow through Google Earth. As an initiative by WWF Indonesia the tree will be planted in Sebangau National Park in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.


MyBabyTree.org also has a fun user experience in my opinion when you start your journey to plant your virtual tree. Enjoy some playful animation after you select the tree that you want to plant then you can learn about your baby tree and information on how MyBabyTree.org works.

Make a donation and watch your baby tree grow today at MyBabyTree.org. We all owe a little something, something to Mother Earth. I planted two trees, I’ll keep you posted on my baby trees.

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