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My Monthly Charity April 2010

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Keeping it green in honor of Earth Day 2010, which should be every day, I’ve selected the Conservation Fund for My April 2010 Monthly Charity. The Conservation Fund is America’s partner in conservation, preserving land and water across our 50 states.

The Conservation Fund was started in 1985 by conservationist Pat Noonan, who brought in a team of necessary skilled professionals to create a successful nonprofit organization. Today the nonprofit continues to be strong and rank as one of the most efficient charities by various review groups.

Partnering with community, government and corporate organizations the Conservation Fund gets others involved to achieve their goals. The working relationship with other organizations fulfills both environmental and economical needs.

Environmental concerns continue to rise and the Conservation Fund is an important organization helping preserve what we have in the states. Find out how you can help today at www.conservationfund.org.

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