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My Monthly Charity January 2011

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Alaska Wilderness League

There are back to back snow storms on their way to the Northeast and that got me thinking about SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW which led me to pick an organization helping preserve the United State’s only Arctic state of Alaska’s wilderness. Let me introduce you to the Alaska Wilderness League preserving the vast wilderness in Alaska.

The League exists to lead the effort to preserve Alaska’s wilderness by engaging citizens, sharing resources, collaborating with other organizations, educating the public, and providing a courageous, constant and victorious voice for Alaska in the nation’s capital. – Alaska Wilderness League Mission http://www.alaskawild.org/about-us/

The Alaska Wilderness League works from the federal level in Washington D.C. to fight against industries depleting the resources of the Alaskan land. The Alaskan lands offer diverse wildlife habitats and ecosystems like no other and making it a priority is all the more important.

Learn how you can help preserve Alaska for future generations to enjoy at http://www.alaskawild.org/.

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