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My Monthly Charity June 2010

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Gulf Oil Spill Charities

In the midst of the Gulf oil spill I have found a list of charities aiding the Gulf oil spill clean up that have been approved by the Better Business Bureau or BBB to be featured in My Monthly Charity this month.

Charities Assisting the Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up

The Gulf oil spill is one of the worst disasters that I’ve ever seen. I can’t see how the spill can be completely contained while oil continues to leak into the ocean. As hurricane season comes full swing the problem will only become exacerbated. Hurricane Alex has already brought the spill to many Gulf Coast beaches. Help the Gulf out today by donating to any of the charities approved by the BBB above.

One major complaint I want to make about the Gulf oil spill is why the hell we didn’t treat this disaster with more urgency with government intervention from the beginning and bring in other oil companies to solve the problem! I understand that BP caused the problem and is the responsible party but this is one of the problems that needed to solve asap. There’s oil leaking into our oceans for crying out loud. It is BP’s responsibility but we really needed to come together on this one to stop the leak then call blame and repayment. Today is the 72nd day of oil spilling into our oceans and it doesn’t look like it is stopping anytime soon. If we don’t stop the leak oil will spread to the oceans around world if it hasn’t already started.

You can track the oil spill on CNN with its day to day animated oil slick spread, oil spill estimates and closed fishing areas at http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/04/29/interactive.spill.tracker/index.html.

We have a difficult task at hand as a nation to aiding the Gulf oil spill clean up. Be aware of scams whenever you’re making a charitable donation, especially when disasters happen like the Gulf oil spill. All the charities listed above have been identified to meet the BBB Wise Giving Alliance‚Äôs Standards for Charity Accountability.

Help the Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up Now

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