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My Monthly Charity March 2012

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Basket of Hope

The organization that I have selected this month is Basket of Hope. They are an organization that gives hope to children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The Mission is to give the hope that comes from Jesus to newly diagnosed children and their families affected by cancer or other serious illnesses, primarily by the delivery of a Basket of Hope filled with inspirational materials to nourish them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. – Basket of Hope Mission

Like the name says, they give hope through a basket full of inspirational stuff. Baskets include anything from toys, pre-loaded mp3 players, games, movies, and more to show those diagnosed with cancer that the community cares. The baskets are for the children, but parents would also receive a tote of Bibles, inspirational books, journals, and music for encouragement.

Basket of Hope sends out thousands of baskets throughout the country to children diagnosed with cancer every year.

Learn how you can give these kids hope during very tough times at basketofhope.org.

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