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My SEMA 2009 Recap with Pics

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This post is a little bit late but I finally got around to it. SEMA was an amazing experience. The SEMA show was HUGE. It was a little overwhelming how big the show was, but fortunately we entered the Convention Center right in the car care section. That worked out well because we got see a lot of our vendors without searching too hard through the massive show. To sum it up SEMA is anything and everything that has to deal with cars.

After seeing some of our vendors we wandered a bit and did a ton of walking through the rest of the show. That’s pretty much it, I’ll let the pictures do the talking now.

SEMA Show 2009 Las Vegas Convention Center

SEMA 2009 Las Vegas Convention Center.

Major US War art depicted on car

Amazing piece of art depicting major US wars in a timeline.

Giant Wheel

Giant wheel that’s got to be 24 inch plus in my opinion.

Import Model

Check out the car model.

West Coast Custom Car

All blue car in the West Coast Customs area.

Mad Mike

Remember Mad Mike from Pimp My Ride.

2010 4 Door Porsche Panamera

The new 4 door Porsche Panamera in all black.

For more pictures check out my Flickr section.

In closing SEMA was one heck of an experience. Good times, maybe I’ll be back next year.

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