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My Tribute from One Michael to Another

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Michael Jackson 2009

Michael Jackson that is and I just want to say a few words.

On July 25, 2009 an icon so big has passed away that we probably won’t see another of the likes of this every again. Hands down the most iconic person that ever lived.  There is no match when it comes to worldwide fame.  Even after death he controls the airways worldwide and this story will be around for a while.

The King of Pop changed the world in so many ways with his music, dance, humanitarian efforts and so much more. His global reach is almost unfathomable and his influences will continue to live on through many musicians and dancers.

Upon news of his possible death in the age Internet, MJ crippled internet giants Twitter and Facebook.  Some even say the Michael literally slowed down the Internet (not really).

Even through tough personal tribulations in the last decade or so, he was beloved by so many around the world. I can remember the how cool I thought the Beat It and Thriller videos were back in the day and they still rock.

I’ve been privileged enough to have witnessed the era of an icon that was larger than life.  May the King of Pop rest in peace.

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